Get How To Install A Dimmer Switch Pics

Oct 18, 2020

Get How To Install A Dimmer Switch Pics. A dimmer switch is just like any other standard light switch, only it gives you the opportunity to adjust the brightness of your lighting body. Most dimmers are designed to fit a standard wall box opening, which makes it easy to replace the switch for any incandescent or halogen light with a dimmer.

How To Install A Dimmer Switch Replacing A Regular Switch
How To Install A Dimmer Switch Replacing A Regular Switch from
Therefore i chose a dimmer once you've removed the old switch it's very simple to reverse the same steps to install the new dimmer switch. Whether you are installing a single or 3 way pole, you begin by unscrewing your existing switch plate and gently pulling the switch away from the wall so. Get more control over the lighting in your home with a dimmer switch!

How to choose which dimmer switch to use.

If you have aluminum wiring (dull gray wiring instead of dull orange), don't attempt to install the dimmer switch yourself and contact a. Unscrew the old light switch. Open the box and remove the switch. Dimmer switches are a great example of how small changes can make a big difference in a home.

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